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    PixMix Video Services is a multi-faceted company built on a single premise...

    A successful event is our best calling card

    It doesn't matter what we're doing.

    We can be providing the manpower and hardware for a live multi-camera television broadcast show...

    Or we can be on location documenting an important event with a single camera...

    Or perhaps we're producing a live satellite media tour from our Boston studios.

    For every project we have one goal: Make this event, YOUR EVENT, the best event we've ever worked on.

    And how do we accomplish this?

    The answer is easy to see but hard to achieve.

    If you want to know our secret just give us call.
    We'll be happy to explain.

    And we'll give you a long list of satisfied customers, along with their contact names and phone numbers.

    Because we're proud of what we've done.

    And because our past events continue to be
    our best calling card.